Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

All too often hiring and promoting is done on the fly. When we make a mistake, we think the learning experience is all that we needed to avoid that same situation the next time. This is untrue. The next time the reasons are different. “Bad hires”, as well as unwise promotions can cost your company a fortune!

Break  the cycle of “bad hires” with the assistance of The HR Engineers. Unlike standard recruiting firms who charge large fees for their services, we charge a reasonable hourly fee for our time. We work with you to help you learn to hire wisely and retain quality employees.

We start by helping you focus on just what you need an employee to do for your business. We then work with you to develop a well-defined profile to use in sifting for appropriate candidates. We keep you focused on what the job’s needs are rather than letting you fall victim to “curb appeal”.

We offer a variety of Hiring Services on a stand-alone basis. You may get assistance with all tasks involved in the hiring process or with just the tasks that you prefer to delegate.

          Hiring Services:

  • Hiring Consult – Defining just what the “job” needs;
  • Prospect for candidates via Personal & Social Networking methods;
  • Place listings for positions in no charge media such as local Employment Offices, College Placement offices, and Business Schools;
  • Place listings for positions in commercial media such as Monster, Craig’s List, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Wicked Local;
  • Receive and review resumes, portfolios, & letters of interests to sift for well qualified candidates;
  • Conduct Screening Interviews via telephone or in person;
  • Forward resumes, portfolios, and letters of interest along with screening notes to Client for choosing of candidates to Interview;
  • Be present for in-person interviews & provide feedback post interview;
  • Conduct reference checks on selected candidates upon their selection;
  • Work with you until you’re pleased with the talent you’ve newly acquired – and we can file for a CORI background check for final confirmation if necessary!
Be sure to keep your great candidate working productively and dependably by utilizing other resources and services from The HR Engineers.